What we offer

  • Complete Remodeling

    Let us help you find the right home remodeling solution for your family’s lifestyle and budget. Whether you’re keeping your existing layout or starting from scratch, we can help you take your renovation ideas from inspiration to completion

  • Concrete & Bricks

    Whether it's to make a surface less slippery, to repair or restore concrete, or fix a leaky basement, GMA Home Improvement can help. If you need distribution and application of maintenance polymer compounds for rebuilding and protecting your valuable equipment or industrial capital, we can help.

  • Flooring & Carpets

    We believe in providing quality materials, excellent customer service, and an expert team of installers that specialize in ALL types of flooring and custom work. This, along with our desire for customer satisfaction, are just some of the reasons why our business has continued to expand year after year.

  • Painting & Sheetrock

    At GMA Home Improvement Services we understand that when you need sheetrock or drywall repair services you are probably not interested in taking chances with run-of-the mill contractors. You need someone who can come into your home, work efficiently, and complete the repair in a timely and tidy manner, all while taking the time to make sure your home doesn’t turn into just another job site.

  • Windows & Doors

    In addition to high quality workmanship, we strive to maintain the most competitive pricing the market has to offer on window and door install services to Bronx. As a family-owned and operated business, we understand the importance of being on a budget and making every dollar count, especially in today’s economic climate.

  • Fencing

    When it comes to fencing your backyard, frontyard or even your pool, the choices are surprisingly varied. Fences come in a variety of styles, shapes and sizes and can be made up of an even larger variety of materials including steel, timber, brick, as well as alternative products such as bamboo.

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